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Rotherham Women's Refuge offers accommodation and support to victims of domestic violence

We define domestic violence as:

The harassment or assault of one person by another who are or have been in a close relationship. This can include:
  • Sexual partners
  • Adult child to parent
  • Friends
  • Sibling groups
  • People who choose to share a home
Domestic violence can be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, or any combination of these. It can be actual, threatened or attempted.

We can provide much needed help and support for women and children escaping domestic violence. We take referrals from all over the country from a variety of sources. Women can refer themselves or be referred by other agencies such as other refuges, social services and the police. For some women being in refuge has helped them regain control of their lives.

"The refuge has helped me find the courage to believe in myself. I have started on a course that will not only help me get a new job, but meet new people."
"I even felt strong enough to say 'NO' to him as I have built up my confidence since living in the refuge."
"I have come a long way, without you people I would not have got where I am"